Frequently asked questions

We believe the future of humanity will be born out of the blood and sweat of us founders. Choosing the right investor can mean the difference between going bankrupt, and walking all the way to an IPO. It is unbelievable that in 2022, there is still no review portal for VCs.

We believe, with all the great tech around in 2022, preparing a list of investors should take minutes, not months.

In short we have two missions:

  1. Free founders' time so that they can do what they're best at - building exceptional companies for the future.
  2. Help them avoid bad actors and potential bad fits for their start-ups so that they can have the best chance of hitting it big.

People like you - founders who saw inefficiency in a process, in this case, fundraising - and decided to do something about it.

We are free of VC backing and thus are entirely independent.

So far, we don't monetize the service in any way. We have six business models in mind for the future, only one of which would require a small membership fee from founders. However, no matter what lies around the corner, we will avoid charging founders for as long as humanly possible.

In a lot of founder-investor relationships, VCs have the upper hand. Here, all reviews are fully anonymized to avoid repercussions for founders daring to give open and public feedback.

All reviews are anonymous on the outside but our team manually verifies each one. We know the email address and linkedin profile of each reviewer.

We only ensure there are no fakes. Other than that, our reviews are 100% authentic, raw, non-edited and non-regulated. If a founder feels that a VC deserves profanity, well, let their feelings ring true.

The more reviews there are, the more utility BOUND will have for everybody. Hence, the best way to help is to contribute as many reviews as you can.

Also, spreading the word to other founders you know will help greatly.

If you want to help us build BOUND or become an angel, reach out.

Currently there are two options:

  1. A short one, which takes about 2 minutes. Easily done next time you're waiting for everyone to join your all hands zoom call.
  2. An in depth review will take you closer to 10 minutes. Still 100x times quicker than drafting a perfect pitch for a VC.

You can contact our founder and CEO Pavel at